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Some Caution Over Cola

A new study shows what soda is really doing to your insides.


American's Health Habits: Worse Than Ever

Surprising health and fitness stats on the state of a nation.

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Tai Chi: Are You Reaping the Benefits of This Asian Art?

Looking for a way to spice up your workout? Consider tai chi.


Cereal and Milk: A Classic Muscle Builder

New research suggests another healthy idea for a post-workout meal.


Can Meat Hurt Your Manhood?

A study shows that full-fat dairy and processed meats may affect a man's sperm count.

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Why Peeing in the Pool Isn't Cool

Your pool might be filled with germs that could lead to a water-related illness. Find out what to do to protect yourself.

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Is the Economy Taking a Toll on Your Health?

There's danger in letting the economy disrupt your healthy habits, says a new report.


A Warning on Well-Done Meat

Why you may want to think twice before charring your next steak.


Are Healthy Menus Sabotaging Your Orders?

Fascinating research reveals that more healthy options on a menu can actually lead to unhealthier choices.


Most Important Muscles for Runners

Forget your abs. The less sexy hip muscles help keep you running stronger with less risk of breaking down.