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About Our Team

Leadership Team

Mark Verstegen

Founder and President

An internationally-recognized leader and innovator in the world of athletic performance training, Mark Verstegen is the founder and president of EXOS.

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Dan Burns

Chief Executive Officer

As the chief executive officer of EXOS, Dan Burns oversees the management and growth of EXOS and its family of businesses.

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Jeff Terrill

President, EXOS Works

Jeff Terrill is the president of EXOS Works. He joined the company in 2013 to focus on developing a sustainable growth strategy.

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Jeff Sassone

President, EXOS API

Jeff Sassone is the president of EXOS API. His extensive coaching experience has earned him recognition as one of the nation's foremost leaders in training pro, amateur, and junior athletes.

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Jon Zerden

Chief Technology Officer

Jon Zerden is the chief technology officer of EXOS. He's responsible for the technology and systems that support the online and training presences, and the in-facility infrastructure and integrated systems.

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Rick Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Smith is the chief financial officer of EXOS. His responsibilities include overseeing financial planning and analysis and accounting operations.

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Todd Smith

Chief Marketing Officer

Todd Smith is the chief marketing officer of EXOS. He's responsible for the brand vision, brand storytelling, and growth-focused integrated marketing initiatives across EXOS.

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John Golden

President, Product Pioneering

John Golden is the president of product pioneering at EXOS. He's responsible for the product vision, product development, and building a performance ecosystem at EXOS.

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Jennifer Sosnow

Director, Human Resources

Jennifer Sosnow is the director of human resources at EXOS. She leads the HR and recruiting teams to support the organization throughout the world.

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Dave Schifrin

Director, Partnerships

Dave Schifrin is the director of partnerships at EXOS. He's responsible for building and managing external relationships for all EXOS business units.

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Jesse Grissom

Senior Vice President, Sales and Account Management

Jesse Grissom is the senior vice president of sales and account management at EXOS. He's responsible for all strategic sales and client partnership initiatives for EXOS.

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Anthony Slater

Vice President, Strategic Accounts

As the vice president of strategic accounts, Anthony Slater has trained many of the top athletes in the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, PGA, and LPGA.

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Omi Iwasaki

Director, Performance

Omi Iwasaki is the director of performance at EXOS. He leads team members to ensure a strong, positive coaching community as well as best practice sharing to ensure operations, facilities, and relationships are maximized at client sites.

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Jim O'Leary

Director, Operations

Jim O'Leary is the director of operations at EXOS. He's responsible for leadership and tactical executive of business operations and supply chain functions.

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David Macfarlane

Vice President, Technology

David Macfarlane is the vice president of technology at EXOS. He's responsible for the architecture, design, and development of the state-of-the-art systems that power the EXOS businesses.

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