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5 Tips for Perfect Posture

Decrease injury with perfect posture.

The Performance Life

Movements with Mark: Physioball

Athletes' Performance founder Mark Verstegen demonstrates five strength-building moves using a simple tool: the physioball.


Build Strength with Your Feet

Many people are training with improper footwear that affects movement in the entire body.

The Performance Life

Improve Your Quality of Life at Any Age

You may not be able to extend your life, but you can certainly expand your life.


Picking the Right Slice of Bread

When choosing a bread, remember the less processed the better.


The Perils of Skipping Breakfast

Start your day the right way with a full breakfast.


Navigate the Grocery Store

Use these four tips to avoid nutrition land mines and buy better food.

The Performance Life

Music Recommendation for Runners

Why your workout playlist could throw off your technique.

Play Better

Let Your Game Motivate You

Add distance to your drive and improve your health at the same time.


Fewer Legs = Better Protein

Start counting the number of legs for your protein choices and you'll create a healthy habit.