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3 Pregame Mindset Strategies

Use these effective strategies to focus your mind and prepare yourself to play your best.


How to Develop a Winning Mindset

5 tips to keep your head in the race and power your performance.

Live Better

How to Increase Your Chances of Achieving Your Resolution

A new study found that committing to your resolution for 30 days can improve your chances of success.

Well at Work

Office Politics: Drop Out of the Race

Ignoring gossip at the workplace may help you maintain healthy relationships with your co-workers, according to a new study.

Well at Work

There’s No Place in Business for Bullying

A new study found that employees are likely to quit a job if bullying goes on in the workplace.


The Mindset of an Olympian

An Olympic mindset starts with the realization that less is more. Keeping it simple is perhaps the best strategy of all.

Well at Work

Meeting Tip: Sit to the Right of the Person You Want to Impress

New brain research reveals a simple way to make a great impression on co-workers, clients, or complete strangers.


How to Make The Miles Go Faster

The amazing story of ultra-runner Diane Van Deren will inspire you to get lost in the joy of running.


Study: Visual Illusions Improve Sports Performance

New research reveals a method to help you find your groove in any sport.


How to Fight Fatigue During a Race

We asked a few Ironman triathletes how they deal with hitting the proverbial wall, so you can use their insights to power through your next race.


Don’t Let a Mean Boss Make You Miserable

New research reveals a simple way to mitigate and manage stress in the workplace.


7 Secrets to Get Motivated for a Workout

If you’re not sick, sore, or injured, then chances are, you're just making excuses. Here’s how to get motivated and stay motivated for every workout.

The Performance Life

3 Life Lessons Learned from Running

Author Martin Dugard shares what he's learned about life from running.


5 Things to Do After Every Workout

Use this simple checklist to feel great and see big-time results.


Q&A: Is It Better to Skip a Workout or Tone It Down When Tired?

Use this mental trick to get yourself to the gym when you're lacking motivation.


5 Steps to Hit Your Fitness Goals

Do you have a new goal? Achieve it with this step-by-step plan from Dr. Steven Jonas.


3 Keys to Successful Health and Fitness Resolutions

How to make your New Year's resolutions stick beyond the first few weeks.


Finish the Year Strong

Use these tips from author Howard Falco to head into the new year with a stronger mindset than ever.

The Performance Life

Jimmie Johnson’s Keys to Success

NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson shares the secrets he's learned in his ride to a fifth consecutive Sprint Cup Series title.

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How to Harness Cody Ross' Championship Mindset

Teammates Pat Burrell and Cody Ross show how to thrive from adversity.