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All About Proprioception

Find out what this "sixth sense" is and how it relates to sports.

The Performance Life

Core Training on the Water

Four exercises to try next time you’re paddleboarding in calm water.

The Performance Life

The Best Exercises and Technique Tips for Stand-Up Paddling

Combine these fitness and technique pointers to rule the water.


Split Squat - Back Foot Elevated Dumbbell

This movement will build strength and stability in your glutes, hamstrings and quads.


Stability Ball Training 101

This primer shows how to use a stability ball to improve balance, stability, and strength.

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A New Angle on the Water: Stand-Up Paddling

Whether you're looking to join the latest sport movement, improve your fitness, or pick up a fun hobby, check out what stand-up paddling has to offer.


Romanian Deadlift - 2 Arm 1 Leg

This lift will help lengthen and strengthen your hamstrings.


Lateral Bound - Quick & Stabilize

Lateral Bound Quick and Stabilize will teach you how to absorb energy and then release it to make quick and powerful cuts.


Romanian Deadlift - 1 Arm / 1 Leg - Contralateral

This movement will work your glutes, hamstrings and lower back.


Inverted Hamstring Stretch with Arm Reach

This move will stretch your hamstring and challenge your balance.

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How to Improve Balance for Snowboarding

From the big picture to the finer points, performance specialist Craig Friedman explains how to improve your balance for the slopes.


Lateral Bound – Countermovement to Stabilize (Mini Band)

Work your vertical and challenge your stability with this movement.


Movement Skills 101

This Core Performance training component develops your linear, lateral and multidirectional speed.

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Best Exercises to Improve Balance for Surfing

Try these three movements to get up on your board and ride with better balance.

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Weak Side? What Weak Side?

Get rid of your weak foot and balance your strength for success in soccer.

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Explosive Speed Drill for Tennis

In tennis, you need speed and the ability to rapidly change direction. Here's a drill to improve both.


How to Fix Muscle Imbalance

Balance your body and reduce your risk for injury with this helpful guide.


Q&A: Getting in Shape for a Backpacking Trip

What to do in the gym to stay strong and injury-free out on the trails.


Lateral Bound - Stabilization - Football

This exercise will decrease the potential for injury in your knees, hips and ankles and improve performance.


Cable Hip Extension

This movement will work your hips and challenge your balance.