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How to Come Back from Turf Toe

Just avoid turf, right? Actually, turf toe is a general name for an injury that can happen other places. Find out why it occurs and what to do about it.


Acceleration - Split Stance - Baseball

This movement will increase your speed by improving your running mechanics.


Forward Lunge Elbow to Instep - Baseball

If you do only one stretch before a game or training, this movement should be it.


Lateral Lunge - Baseball

This movement will help you become a better fielder by improving you ability to get your hips down on a ball.


Glute Bridge - Baseball

This movement will help improve your speed and range on the field.


Hip Crossover - Baseball

This movement will help you develop the power that comes with your hip rotation.


Rapid Response 2 Inch Runs - Baseball

This rapid response drill for baseball will work on improving your foot speed to help make you lighter on your feet.


Crossover Drill - Stabilization Baseball

The crossover drill will help develop a powerful crossover and first step.


Split Squat - Baseball

This squat helps develop the leg strength needed to excel at the plate and in the field.


AIS Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch Sidelying - Baseball

This stretch will help you open up the muscles in the front of your hips, allowing for increased speed and reduced chance of injury.


4 Cone Random Agility Drill - Baseball

This movement will help extend your range and test your athletic ability.


Base Position - Baseball

Get your body in the perfect fielding position.


Baseball Self-Massage - Baseball

For more site specific self-massage, your baseball is a great tool.


Crossover Drill - Continuous - Baseball

The continuous crossover drill is one of the most demanding and beneficial exercises you can do.


Drop Lunge - Baseball

The drop lunge will stretch out the muscles from the backside of your hips all the way down your thighs.


90-90 Stretch - Baseball

This stretch improves shoulder and hip mobility to help you generate more arm and bat speed.


Acceleration Wall Drill - March - Baseball

This drill will help build acceleration and correct foot and ground interaction.


Acceleration Wall Drill - Single Exchange - Baseball

This movement is the next progression from the wall drill marching movement.


AIS Shoulder Stretch Sidelying - Baseball

This stretch can help protect the rotator cuff from injury.


Arm Action Seated - Baseball

Your arm action has a direct correlation with your speed.

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