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One Small Change

Downsize Your Dinnerware

Can eating from smaller plates help you lose weight? Join our month-long experiment and find out.

One Small Change

Eat More Fiber to Lose Weight

Join resident lab rat Joe Kita as he begins a month-long experiment to eat more fiber and lose weight.


The 10 Best iPhone Nutrition Apps

Your iPhone can help you eat healthier, lose fat, and perform great. Here’s how.


Conquer Cravings With Yogurt

Performance nutritionist Simin Levinson explains how to get your snack fix with fewer calories and more nutrients.


To Cut Calories, Simplify Your Coffee

Your fancy morning latte could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts and damaging your attempts at a healthier diet.

One Small Change

Last Call: Lessons from a Month Without Alcohol

After cutting back on booze for 30 days, writer Joe Kita discovered seven lessons to live a healthier life.


The Naked Truth About Pizza

Does eating pizza fit into your clean eating lifestyle? A new pizza company may be able to help you stick to your plan.

One Small Change

The Next Big Food Trend: "Simply" Confusing

Trying to eat clean food for a month is proving more challenging than expected for contributing writer Joe Kita.


10 Best and Worst Condiments

Use our guide to top your dishes with flavor without putting a hurt on your health.


How to Track Calories, Fat, Etc., for Foods Without Labels

A useful guide for eating healthy food and still tracking your nutrition facts.

One Small Change

Take Control of Your Appetite

The simple science that shows how water can help you shed pounds.


10 Meals for $50: Easy Meals for Summer

Whip up these summertime meals to keep your wallet full and your body lean.


Are Pre-Packaged Salads Worth the Convenience?

If pre-packaged salads are your on-the-go food of choice, find out why it might be worth the extra five minutes to hit the salad bar instead.

Live Better

Q&A: Troubleshooting a Weight Loss Plateau

Three reasons you might hit a wall in your weight loss efforts, and how to start burning fat again.


Fix My Diet: Rachel Lang

Our nutrition team helps one reader improve her diet in one day. Who wants next?


4 Pre-Wedding Diet Disasters

We've identified the most common pre-wedding nutrition mistakes, so you can eat great and look your best.


7 Must-Eat Fruits and Veggies for Spring

Boost your health with some of the best in-season favorites in the produce aisle.


How H2O Can Fight Obesity

Cutting out sugary drinks can save you and your kids 235 calories a day, according to a new study.


7 Foods to Stop Freaking Out About

These foods have been branded as "bad." Find out why it's okay to start eating them again.


Q&A: Count Carbs or Calories?

Finding the right balance of nutrients can help you lose weight and stay energized.