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Weight Loss Myths

Don't believe weight loss hype. Our experts decipher fact from fiction.


Is Sugar Making You Stupid?

A new study finds a link between high blood glucose levels and low brain function.


Avoid Food Traps

Do you fall off your eating plan when you're stressed out? Here's what to do when those cravings attack.

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Clear Your Weight Loss Hurdles

What's keeping you from dropping your dead weight? Blast past your sticking points with these simple strategies.


Eat Slow, Lose Fast

Drop pounds with one simple change to the way you eat.


Muscle Foods

A hearty portion of nutrition advice to build a bigger, stronger, more athletic body.


The 300-Calorie Challenge

New research shows how to adjust your diet to look younger and leaner.


5 Ways to Downsize Your Portions

Can't lose weight? You may be eating (much) more than you think.


Q&A: Eating Enough to Bulk Up

Are you eating enough to build muscle?

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Q&A: Lose Fat, Build Muscle

Yes, you can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Here's how.


There's No Such Thing as the Fat-Burning Zone

Forget mythical fat melting zones. Train harder to burn calories and you'll look stronger and leaner.


Burn Twice as Many Calories Running

There's an easy way to double your calorie burn in the same time. Run, don't walk.