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Let Protein Power Your Weight Loss

Pack some more protein into your diet to shed pounds fast.


Endurance Fuel

Run, bike, and swim longer—and stronger—with the right foods.


Confusion Over Carbohydrates

Not sure how many carbs your body needs or when to eat them? Check out this primer.

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How to Fuel for the Slopes

Your body's food needs change in cold weather and high altitudes. Here's how to fuel right.


5 Ways to Downsize Your Portions

Can't lose weight? You may be eating (much) more than you think.

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Q&A: Nutrition Tips for Ultra-Endurance Athletes

What to eat when your athletic event lasts for days.


Picking the Right Slice of Bread

When choosing a bread, remember the less processed the better.


Fuel Your Workout with Sports Drinks

An introduction to the importance of consuming carbohydrates to maintain energy balance during exercise.


Q&A: Get Six-Pack Abs

Evaluate your nutrition habits with these five questions for a flatter midsection.