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Play Better

Hydration: A Major Pigskin Problem

A new study from Indiana State University found that nearly 80 percent of college football players are dehydrated.


6 Healthy Tailgate Recipes

Your pre-game party doesn't have to be an unhealthy food fest. Here's what to eat at your tailgate party.

Success Stories

Fueling Herself for the Field

How one early adopter of the Core Performance program has used her training to prepare for D1 sports and life at college.

The Performance Life

Jen Freemas' Pregame Playlist

Dial in to the competition with this playlist from performance specialist Jen Freemas.

Play Better

Cheerleading: More Hardcore Than You Think

Cheerleading safety is center stage due to recent increases in injuries.

The Performance Life

Breakfast Smoothie on a Budget

Searching for smoothie recipes on a budget? Try this one.

The Performance Life

There's Always a Way to Train

How to train even when you have to be creative.

The Performance Life

Coping With a Stress Fracture

Not paying attention to regeneration while running long distances has backfired big time.

The Performance Life

Racing for Youth Sports

I was ready to give up on my dream of debuting at a big marathon until I heard from a friend.

The Performance Life

When You Just Don't Want to Train

When my schedule finally cut me a two-hour break, I told myself that only in my third week of marathon training, I couldn't miss this run...

The Performance Life

Track Your Progress

The main difference betweeen soccer and running is that tracking my progress is no longer an option...

The Performance Life

My New Outlook

No longer playing soccer, I've decided to pursue a lifelong dream...

The Performance Life

Moving on to New Challenges

Tobias Resch takes on a new challenge: Life without soccer...

The Performance Life

Regeneration Matters

Skipping regeneration work saved me time, but it's costing me now...

The Performance Life

The Cruelties of Preseason

An asthma attack, heat, and humidity make for a challenging preseason...

The Performance Life

Recovery Trip

I know students everywhere are facing the challenges of a new school year and new sports seasons...

The Performance Life

Recovering From My Road Trip

Our trip to South America has come to an end...

The Performance Life

The Massage Stick is a Hit

Working on regeneration has been easy with the massage stick and stretch rope...

The Performance Life

Adapting to Food Abroad

A little more than a week into our trip to South America, I am struggling to adapt to the team's eating schedule.

The Performance Life

From Germany to America: A Soccer Player's Journey

Tobias Resch leaves Germany to play soccer at Swarthmore College, following the Core Performance methodology along the way.