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Quinoa Eggs Benedict Recipe to Power Your Performance

Danielle LaFata shares the go-to recipe she uses to power the performance of some of the world's top soccer players.


What are the Healthiest Cuts of Red Meat?

Enjoy the healthiest meats with this simple guide.


5 Tips to Simplify Your Nutrition

Simplify your nutrition-related tasks with these tips.


Exercising Pre-Holiday Can Help Fight Effects of Overeating, According to Study

Researchers at the University of Bath found that exercising in the days leading up to the holidays can help fight the negative impact of overeating.


Shop With a List to Lose More Weight

Creating a healthy list and sticking to it when grocery shopping can help you lose weight.


5 Small Ways to Upgrade Your Cooking Habits

Use these simple tips to cook healthier meals.


How to Build a Healthy Pizza

Use this step-by-step guide to build a healthier pizza.

Well at Work

How to Eat Healthy While Working from Home

5 ways to improve your work-from-home eating habits.

Live Better

10 Simple Resolutions

Make long-lasting health and fitness changes in 2013 with these simple resolutions.

Live Better

10 Gifts for a Fit and Healthy Holiday

We’ve put our stamp of approval on these healthy gift ideas from our partners.


25 Best and Worst Foods for Thanksgiving

Use our nutrition ranking of traditional Thanksgiving foods to enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


How to Properly Portion Your Thanksgiving Meal

A quick guide to proper portions for your holiday meal.


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12 Ancient Grains You May Have Never Tried

Add some of these delicious grains to your diet for a variety of nutrients.


The Perfect Day of Eating at the Office

Use this sample meal plan to create meals that will keep you energized and productive at the office.


Study: Healthy Food Isn’t More Expensive

A new report found that healthy food isn’t more expensive than junk food.


Health News: Home-Cooked Meals May Add Years to Your Life

A new study found that people who cook at home are more likely to live longer.


5 Oatmeal Alternatives

Try one of these delicious grains in place of traditional oatmeal.


5 Ways to Eat Local

Plant a garden, join a CSA, and other tips to eat clean, locally-produced food.


Q&A: What's a Good Recipe for Quinoa?

Liven up boring salads with a protein-packed ancient grain.