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Q&A: Help Losing Weight


Q: I am trying to lose weight (while increasing performance) for handball.  I weight 270 lbs., and I'm 5'9". Ideally,  I'd like to drop down to 205 lbs.

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Pinched Nerve

Here is a magic formula for avoiding what most athletes call a pinched nerve: Select the right parents, don't wear out your body too early, and lead a life sheltered from turning, twisting, and lifting.

"In other words," says Angela Smith, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon, "there is not much you can do to protect yourself from this degenerative condition. It's simply going to happen to some people."

The term "pinched nerve" is commonly used by the public, but doctors are more likely to talk about spondylosis, ankylosis and radiculitis. More important than the correct terminology is the process that causes pain to start in the neck or back and to radiate through the shoulders, arms and legs.

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Q&A: Burning Lungs

espinr / flickr

Q: I used to go out jogging with my friends, and I could go 30 minutes with no problem. But when we turn up the intensity and run instead of jog, I can only handle about 10-12 minutes before I become out of breath and a pain develops under my lung. Do you have any advice to stop this pain? — Susan, Fort Polk, LA

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Is Travel Derailing Your Diet?

Pink Sherbet Photography / flickr

If you frequently live out of a suitcase, you probably find yourself in an endless series of airports and hotels surrounded by poor food choices. Your time on the road may even be your greatest obstacle to proper nutrition. That's a challenge, but it doesn't have to be your excuse. 

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Push Your Limits

Scott Wachter

It's amazing how much marketing affects truth in fitness. Remember when machine training was all the rage because it was thought to be safer and more effective? Problem was this was promoted by the manufacturers of machines and often backed up by industry-funded research.

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You Can't Run to Get Fit

Ernst Moeksis / flickr

A brilliant Canadian physical therapist named Diane Lee once said that running is a poor choice of exercise for most people. Just take a look around at people running to try to get fit, and you'll soon realize why.

They're often men and women running with a visible limp. Usually they have a knee sleeve of some kind on, and when you ask them about their problem, they'll typically reply, "It loosens up after a while, and then I ice and take some Advil after." What a lousy idea.

Guess what: Good exercise should make you tired, but it should not hurt your joints. The discomfort should be limited to the muscles and should go away almost immediately after you're done.

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There's No Such Thing as the Fat-Burning Zone


The "fat-burning zone" is another one of those urban legends of fitness. Legend has it, a certain level of exercise results in a larger number of calories burned being derived from fat. This does not mean that stored body fat is the selective source. It only describes the relative percentage of utilization of three substrates: fat, carbohydrate and protein.

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Burn Twice as Many Calories Running

Ed Yourdon / flickr

One of the great misconceptions of exercise is that it doesn't matter if you run or walk because you burn the same 100 calories per mile.

Truth is, you do burn approximately the same number of calories if you run or walk the same distance, but the net effect is not the same. At least, not if you have a busy life with limited time to exercise.

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The Truth About Abs

Dave Cruz

How often do you hear someone at the gym say something like, "I need to do more abs; I want a six-pack?" If only that person knew that cutting down on six-packs of beer is a much faster way to see your abs. 

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Q&A: Helping Kids Train for Sports

Emery Way / flickr

Q: When should my child start formal athletic training, and what exactly should they do? – Jillian, Stowe, VT

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