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The Performance Life

My New Outlook

gerlos / flickr

Sometimes you find inspiration when you least expect it. After making quite a dramatic change in my life a week and a half ago, I kept looking for a new challenge.

I was considering running track for my college, joining a local men’s soccer team, and even trying out as a pinch runner for our baseball team, all of which seemed like good options.

But nothing gave me that spark of enthusiasm I needed, and it showed in my daily routine: I stopped following my exercise regimen, was falling back into bad eating habits, forgot about my multivitamin, and as a result had no energy and felt sick. I had hit a rough patch.

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11 Ways to Run Faster

Scott Wachter

One of the training methods used to improve speed in sports is known as sprint-assisted training. The idea behind sprint-assisted training is to increase your stride rate by forcing your body to perform at a higher level than would be possible without assistance. Sprint-assisted training produces this effect by getting the nervous and muscular systems used to higher contraction rates. After several weeks, the nervous system allows you to continue these higher rates without any help. Research shows that your number of steps taken per second and the length of your stride can improve after 4-8 weeks of sprint-assisted training.

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Q&A: How to Comeback from Jumper's Knee

Erik Charlton / flickr

Q: My doctor recently diagnosed me with "jumper's knee" and told me that my knee tends to move in. What exercises should I be doing to strengthen my knee and the muscles around it so I can stop missing time on the basketball court?

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Play Better

Why Football Players Dance So Well

When Warren Sapp joined the cast of “Dancing with the Stars,” many people scoffed. How would a former defensive lineman who has weighed more than 330 pounds possibly compete on the dance floor?

That Sapp has become the latest former NFL star to thrive on the show does not surprise Ken Croner. The Athletes’ Performance coach, who has worked with NFL pros such as Brett Favre, Matt Hasselbeck, and Deuce McAllister, believes the moves on the football field translate well to the dance hall.

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In the News

Sue Falsone Makes History

As the first female physical therapist in Major League Baseball, Sue Falsone helps the Los Angeles Dodgers players avoid injury and stay in the game with the same methods used at Core Performance. In this video, she talks about what it feels like to make history, and what it takes to keep your muscles and joints strong and healthy. 

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The Performance Life

Moving on to New Challenges

philo / flickr

This past week, I was forced to make one of the toughest decisions in my life. Because I felt like I was compromising my academic success by playing soccer, which had turned from a stress release to a stress factor over the past weeks, I met with my coach to inform him I would not be playing for the rest of this season. The move, surprisingly and to my happiness, was met with understanding from my teammates and many people I have talked to since my decision.

So what’s next? Physical activity will still be a way for me to clear out my head, as evidenced by the 30-minute run I went on this morning.

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The Performance Life

Who's Watching Out for Your Waistline?

The U.S. government has just announced new physical activity guidelines for Americans. If you’re a glutton for reading long federal documents, check out the plan. Otherwise, save yourself the pain—we’ve unscrambled the key facts for you: The government wants you to move more every day.

That’s outstanding advice, but here’s the issue: Beyond the idea to get active, this new recommendation provides very little information for you to actually act on. So to help make sense of the senseless, we called in a third party—Athletes’ Performance founder Mark Verstegen.

With Verstegen’s help, we’ve decoded five crazy federal mandates contained in the government’s new guidelines and laid out a rescue plan for overweight America.

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Play Better

Major League Breakthrough

The 2008 Major League Baseball season has seen its share of breakout performances, from the storybook rise of the Tampa Bay Rays to the remarkable run by the Milwaukee Brewers since acquiring CC Sabathia.

But what’s inspired you the most? Before you cast your vote, recall the rich history of our great American pastime, where the impossible is possible and barriers are meant to be shattered, and then consider the following, maybe the greatest untold story of the year in baseball: Sue Falsone.

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Live Better

Life Lessons from Paul Newman

Paul Newman, who died this past year, left a lasting legacy as an actor, race car driver, and philanthropist, serving as a role model for performance living in many ways. Consider a few of his life lessons:

He took up auto racing in his 40s, becoming a successful driver and later race team owner, showing the value of taking on new challenges later in life. Such endeavors provide balance to life and often make for a fulfilling retirement. Newman never really retired from acting, but clearly he enjoyed racing as much as his first career. Second acts and retirements are usually more successful and rewarding if the groundwork is laid during your prime. You’ll also perform better in your prime if you have a diversion you’re passionate about.

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How to Fuel For Your Workout


Your body needs nutrients and fluids to perform in the gym, build muscle, and recover faster from your training session. But what should you eat and drink? How much? And when? Below, our experts have served up some simple strategies to answer these questions and others. So you'll stay on top of your nutrition, and your game.

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5 Stretches to Refresh Your Warmup

Try these dynamic stretches to prepare for a better workout.

Live Better

Feeling Uninspired? Take a Walk

When you feel your creativity lacking, taking a walk can help you find inspiration, according to a small study from Stanford University researchers.


Q&A: Supplements for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Three things to know if you train hard and don't eat meat.

Well at Work

Survey: American Employees Skipping Vacation Days for Work

A new survey found that only 25 percent of employees with paid time off took advantage of it in 2013.

The Performance Life

5 Tips to Build Teamwork and Fun Through Obstacle Racing

Here's what you need to know about using obstacle races to build teamwork at work.