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Dustin Pedroia's Most Valuable Advice

Eric Kilby / flickr

In a clubhouse full of grizzled vets and cocksure athletes such as slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz and flamethrower Josh Beckett, it’s Boston Red Sox infielder Dustin Pedroia who shows the most swagger.

The 5-foot-9, 165-pound second baseman belted in 17 home runs this year while becoming just the third Sox player to accumulate both 200 hits and 50 doubles in a single season. He’s in good company, alongside Hall of Famers Wade Boggs (1989) and Tris Speaker (1912). And his performance earned him the American League MVP award.

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Live Better

Active Made Easy

Charmar / flickr

How often do you choose to take the stairs?

  1. Always
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

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Live Better

Q&A: Exercise With Your Kids


Q: My daughter is intrigued by the dynamic movements I do in my movement prep series and she tries to mimic them, but she's not getting it exactly right. How should I help?

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The Performance Life

Regeneration Matters

lngorrr / flickr

Six games into the soccer season and we are still unbeaten and currently ranked #11 in the nation. But here’s my dilemma:

School is taking up more and more time and we have not even had tests yet. So I started doing less foam rolling and less stretching to save time.

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Tags: Regeneration, Stretching, Foam Roll, Stretch Rope, Soccer, College


5 Exercises That Live Up to the Hype

Cronfeld / flickr

I’m certain of one thing—I’ll never be certain about anything again. Remember that we once believed the world was flat and that Nautilus machines were the future of strength training. Well I used to think the following five movements were overrated. Now I know better.

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The High-Speed Backyard Workout

As a professional soccer player and mother of a 3-year-old girl, I know it’s hard to find time to work out and be a full-time mom. My schedule of late:

  • Recover from Beijing Olympic Games
  • Move family from Los Angeles to New Jersey
  • Play in 10-game Achieve Your Gold Tour
  • Prepare for season with new Women’s Professional Soccer league

We all have nonstop days, weeks, and months, which makes it easy to skip out on exercise, but here’s how I look at it:

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Tags: Soccer, Acceleration, Speed, Training

Well at Work

Snack Smarter at the Office

Meal replacement bars and ready-to-drink shakes make handy snacks when you’re in a rush, but try not to rely on them, since natural foods offer valuable nutrients your body needs. By stocking a drawer in your office full of natural foods, you'll snack great throughout the day. The key: By snacking on a combination of carbohydrates, healthy fats, and lean protein every 2 to 3 hours, you’ll spike your metabolism, boost energy, and feel full longer.

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Signs You're Training Too Much

There are signs you're training too much. For example:

  1. Does your heart rate recover quickly from sprints?
  2. Is your resting heart rate higher than usual?
  3. Are you losing sleep?
  4. Have you lost your appetite?

In this video, metabolic specialist Paul Robbins explains why these signs are important to pay attention to in order to stay healthy and determine the right amount of training for you.

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Tags: Heart Rate, Rest, Injury Prevention

Live Better

Take Up a New Sport

Jonathan Shield / flickr

If Jeff Conine were like most recently-retired baseball players, he’d likely be spending his time these days fishing, golfing, and traveling the world. In short, he’d be enjoying the typical pursuits a 42-year-old with financial security might enjoy.

But like a young entrepreneur who sells one company only to start another, Conine is not taking it easy. Instead, the 17-year veteran of six Major League teams has been spending long hours swimming, cycling, and running in preparation for an ambitious triathlon schedule that will culminate in the Ironman world championship in Kona, Hawaii, on October 11.

Several of his ex-teammates, accustomed to the less rigorous conditioning of baseball, have questioned his sanity. “Guys in my position are supposed to sit back and relax, not do something ridiculous like this,” says Conine, who lives and trains in South Florida.

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Tags: Triathlon

The Performance Life

The Cruelties of Preseason

katie@! / flickr

It’s been incredibly hot and humid this preseason, but I promised myself I’d learn from last year and foam roll and stretch after every practice, and keep eating all day.

Anyone else have good strategies for surviving practice in the heat?

With help from the specialists on the Core Performance team, I’ve set up a daily plan for myself.

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5 Stretches to Refresh Your Warmup

Try these dynamic stretches to prepare for a better workout.

Live Better

Feeling Uninspired? Take a Walk

When you feel your creativity lacking, taking a walk can help you find inspiration, according to a small study from Stanford University researchers.


Q&A: Supplements for Vegetarian Bodybuilders

Three things to know if you train hard and don't eat meat.

Well at Work

Survey: American Employees Skipping Vacation Days for Work

A new survey found that only 25 percent of employees with paid time off took advantage of it in 2013.

The Performance Life

5 Tips to Build Teamwork and Fun Through Obstacle Racing

Here's what you need to know about using obstacle races to build teamwork at work.