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10 Gifts for a Fit and Healthy Holiday

Still looking for the perfect gift? We asked our partners to share their favorite products for the holiday season, and we’ve tested each one at our facilities. We also included an experience to train at an Athletes’ Performance facility (we won’t tell if you want to gift that one to yourself). Use the gift guide below to wrap up your holiday shopping for the health-conscious person or the Core Performance fan on your list, and start the new year off right.

1. adidas adiPure Lace Trainer, $95

The adidas adiPure Lace Trainer is the latest in adidas' progressive barefoot line that helps you transition to less shoe. Why train barefoot? “It’s a simple way to upgrade your workout and rediscover muscles you never knew you had. It’s critical to high performance and decreasing your potential for injury,” says Mark Verstegen, founder of Core Performance.

2. SKLZ Mini Bands, $19.99

SKLZ Mini Bands are as effective as they are simple. This versatile tool helps build strength and stability throughout the entire body. Pick up a set and then send the giftee over to our mini band section for exercise videos and advice from our experts.

3. Core Performance Experience at Athletes' Performance

The world's top athletes train at Athletes' Performance. Now it's your turn. Whether you want to boost energy, run your first 5K, lose 10 pounds, or feel stronger, the performance specialists and nutritionists at Core Performance will build you a customized experience to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Pricing starting at $2,400 for one week at an Athletes' Performance facility, including once-a-day training and two meals a day.

4. EAS® Lean 15™ Bars, $23.46

Help your favorite fitness enthusiast fuel their workout with EAS® Lean 15™ Bars. EAS’s newest line of lower-calorie bars have 200 calories and 15 g of protein per bar. They’re available in classic chocolate peanut butter or, the new Core Performance staff favorite, chocolate mint.

5. Trigger Point X-Factor Ball, $24.99

The X-Factor Ball is a bigger, firmer version of the original Trigger Point Massage Ball. Release tightness and reduce pain with the next best thing to a professional massage. “I really like the increased density and size of this ball. It makes it even more useful for treating athletes at our facilities,” says Thomas Knox, physical therapist at Athletes’ Performance.

6. adidas miCoach Heart Rate Monitor Bundle, $139

This high-tech tool transmits a runner’s heart rate data to a wirelessly connected miCoach iPhone or iPod app for real-time feedback and audible coaching. We love that the miCoach training programs were developed with the top trainers in the world—ours.

7. KT TAPE PRO, $19.99

Give the hard-working athlete on your list what they really need. KT TAPE PRO is easy-to-apply pain relief and support. Each strip of kinesiology tape—a box comes with 20—can last up to a week even through tough conditions like daily showers or swims, cold, and humidity.

8. SKLZ Speed Chute, $29.99

Perfect for the young speedster on your list, the SKLZ Speed Chute adds progressive resistance to enhance speed training. Add a challenge and keep workouts fun for extra motivation. Cool feature: The quick-release buckle provides a “shot-out-of-a-cannon” sensation.

9. Zeo Sleep Manager Pro, $99

A better night’s sleep can help improve mood, mental clarity, energy, and performance, and even aid in weight loss. Help your friends and family slumber better with the Zeo Sleep Manager Pro. It pairs with an Android or iOS device to track REM and deep sleep and provides a personal sleep assessment with expert sleep tips.

10. Gatorade G Series PRO Carb Energy Chews, 14-Pack for $30.45

Endurance athletes will love Gatorade’s G Series PRO Carb Energy Chews. The low-profile design makes them easy to bring along during a long ride or run. These easy-to-digest blasts of energy are what they need to stay fueled and keep moving.

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