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12 Healthy Stocking Stuffers

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Great gifts should make you feel better, not just when you unwrap them, but throughout the year. The gift guide below includes healthy gift ideas from our store and partners, plus some other healthy products we like.

adidas adipure Trainer, $90
It’s the first barefoot training shoe made for the gym, designed and tested with the help of Mark Verstegen, founder of Core Performance. The adipure Trainer will help improve your posture and body awareness, boosting flexibility and balance, while strengthening muscles you never knew you had.

SKLZ Weighted Speed Rope, $16.99
The SKLZ speed rope features soft grips and swivel-ends that prevent tangling. What’s more, each handle contains a removable 8-oz. weight that can be used to increase the intensity. And don’t worry if you’re tall—it adjusts to fit users up to 6’6’’. Pair your gift with this 5-minute jump rope workout.

EAS Myoplex Lite Ready-to-Drink, $49.99, 6 4-packs 
Think of it as low-calorie muscle fuel. Drink one within 30 minutes after your workout to help repair and maintain your lean muscle mass. Or use the shake as a mid-day snack. A serving contains just 170 calories and 55 percent less fat than Myoplex original. And don’t forget the healthy cache of protein and 22 essential vitamins and minerals. Flavors include cookies and cream, chocolate fudge, French vanilla, and strawberry cream.

Jokari Pasta Basket, $12.98
In need of portion-control power? The Jokari lets you split your pasta into FDA-based serving sizes while cooking it. The silicone basket allows for four single-serve “pots.” The best part: You can prepare single servings of more than one type of pasta at the same time.

SodaStream Fountain Jet, $99.95
In less than 30 seconds, turn tap water into sparkling water with as little as 34 calories and 9 g of sugar per serving (depending on the flavor you select). Choose from flavors such as cola, lemon-lime, orange, and root beer.

Garmin Forerunner 910XT, $449.99
The Forerunner 910XT is the only all-in-one GPS-enabled device that provides detailed swimming, running, and cycling metrics. The swimming functions are what shine—it can be used in both open water and pool settings and provides swim distance, stroke identification, stroke count, and pool lengths. Plus, it’ll capture the path you traveled when in water or on the road.

Growbottle Indoor Herb Garden Kit, $35
Grow your own fresh herbs in this recycled wine bottle—without the mess of soil. This hydroponic herb-growing kit comes ready to use with clay pebbles, wool wick, plant nutrient, cork coaster and seeds. Choose between organic basil, organic chive, heirloom mint, organic oregano, or organic parsley.

Yonanas Banana Ice Cream Maker, $59.99
Like frozen yogurt? Then you’ll love frozen bananas. Just peel a banana and stash it in your freezer for 24 hours. Then add it to the Yonanas maker with frozen fruits, nuts, or even dark chocolate for a healthy dessert.

Gaiam Audio Yoga Mat, $29.98
This mat has a small built-in speaker so you can work out or meditate while listening to your MP3 player. Or download an instructional yoga podcast for expert guidance in your own living room.

OOTS Deluxe Lunch Box $39.95 
Lunch boxes aren’t just for kids. This one includes one large and four small containers, with room for a water bottle. And it’s eco-friendly, made with BPA-free and phthalate-free polypropylene plastic and safety tested for lead.

The Simple Art of Eating Well
Cookbook, $29.95

This award-winning cookbook is jammed with beautiful photographs. It contains more than 400 healthy and nutritious recipes, including special meals designed for when you’re in a hurry. Not a Top Chef contender? You’ll also find easy-to-understand lessons on the cooking skills you’ll need to become an expert chef.

Urethane KettleBlock from PowerBlock, $99 
This gift might be a bit heavy for a stocking stuffer, but its well worth its weight. It’s a five-in-one kettlebell, replacing 61 pounds of weights at a fraction of the cost and space. It gives you increments of 5-, 8- , 12-, 16-, and 20-pound formations. Heavier versions are available.

For more healthy gift ideas, visit the Core Performance store.

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