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5 Ways Tech is Waging War on Your Body

A tech-obsessed lifestyle can actually make it harder for you to get fit and perform on the field.

A pair of recent reports—one in the New York Times and another on Fox News—warn of pains, disorders, and something called “cell phone elbow” due to all the devices we can’t put down.

Sure, there are lots of gadgets that will actually make it easier for you to shape up, but problems occur when you perform repetitive tasks with your hands or keep your body in a fixed position for long periods of time—on the phone, in front of computers, or playing video games, for instance.

This causes muscles to tighten up. Over time, your muscles will actually shorten, resulting in muscle imbalances and poor posture.

Too much sitting, texting, or tweeting can ultimately undermine your efforts in the gym and lead to pains and injuries...unless you change your workout and daily routine to avoid damage and reverse its harmful effects on your body.

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