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How often do you choose to take the stairs?

  1. Always
  2. Sometimes
  3. Never

If you chose "2" or "3," consider this: Bypassing elevators and escalators and choosing the stairs instead will cut your overall risk of dying prematurely by almost 20 percent. That was the conclusion of a small Swiss study, where researchers had 69 sedentary people rely on the stairs for three months.

Of course, their fitness levels increased dramatically compared to non-stair steppers. They also saw marked reductions in waist size, body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol—all known risk factors for heart disease.

The take-home message:

Think twice when choosing technology over an active solution like climbing stairs. Technology may be easier, but the active option pays greater dividends to your overall health and fitness. What choices are you making to move more every day?

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David Schipper – David began writing for CorePerformance.com in 2008, after spending six years at Men's Health magazine digging up the newest scientific research in health, weight loss, nutrition, muscle and cardiovascular fitness.

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