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Do You Have iPhone Insomnia?

Ron Chapple Studios / Thinkstock

Turns out your smart phone may be making you sleepy. When Swedish scientists conducted a series of studies on over 4,000 young adults, they found that those who were heavy users of mobile phones or computers were at a significantly greater risk of sleep disturbances, stress, and other mental health issues such as depression.

Those who find the constant accessibility via mobile phones to be stressful were most likely to report mental symptoms, according to the study’s authors. And a combination of both heavy computer use and heavy mobile use makes the association even stronger.

Use your smart phone for work? Then there’s no doubt you’re a heavy user, which was defined as eleven or more calls and/or text messages per day. Overusing a computer is defined as 4-plus hours per day.

The researchers recommend taking breaks, taking time to recover after intensive use, and putting limits on your availability, considering one in four young adults report having to be available around the clock.


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