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Healthy Cooking Tips for Couples


"Couples who eat at home and cook together tend to be leaner, more energetic, and healthier overall," says Amanda Carlson-Phillips, director of nutrition at Athletes' Performance. In fact, people who dine out often eat 40 percent more calories than they would if they ate at home, she says. Besides saving on calories, you'll save money—and have a blast cooking together. So where do you start? We've made it easy with the seven tips below.

Tip 1: Plan Meals

To create balanced meals, start with a lean protein source, add veggies for high-fiber carbs, and include healthy fats. This combination will help you build lean muscle, regulate your blood sugar levels, and keep you energized. Check out our recipe library for perfectly balanced, healthy meal ideas.

Tip 2: Grocery Shop Together

Once the menu is set, head to your local grocer to stock up on ingredients. By shopping with a list, you’ll spend less time in the grocery store and be less likely to grab unhealthy snacks off the shelves. Use these four tips to avoid nutrition land mines and choose healthier foods.

Tip 3: Prep on Sunday

An hour of cooking during the weekend can yield enough healthy lunches and dinners for the entire week. Make a week’s worth of meals for only $50 with our Prep Once, Eat for a Week guide.

Tip 4: Eat Breakfast Together

Start your day off right—with your partner and a healthy breakfast. A protein-packed breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism, boosts energy, and helps you eat less throughout the day. Try these six tasty breakfast recipes.

Tip 5: Invest in a Crock-Pot

Instead of frantically throwing a meal together when you get home, slow cook your meals while you’re at work. Prep the ingredients the night before, and then plug in the slow cooker in the morning. Added bonus: Slow cookers often make enough food for several meals. For ideas, check out these healthy Crock-Pot creations.

Tip 6: Know Your Portions

It’s easy to overindulge when your partner is putting heaps of food on his or her plate. While your spouse may need a bigger portion, it doesn’t mean you have to indulge too. Click here for tips on controlling your portions.

Tip 7: Take Turns Cooking

At the end of a long workday, it can be challenging to muster up the energy to prepare a delicious, healthy meal. Alternate cooking nights so that you’re splitting the responsibility. You’ll be more likely to eat at home if you’re only responsible for cooking three or four nights a week.

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