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How iTunes Can Heal Your Heart


Talk about feel-good music: Listening to the right songs provides cardio protection against heart attacks and stroke.

In the new study, which was presented at the American Heart Association’s annual scientific meetings, researchers asked adults to select tracks that made them feel good. Interestingly, their blood flow increased by 26 percent while they listened to their tunes-of-choice when compared to silence. It’s about the same gain seen after aerobic activity, found the researchers, who were out of the University of Maryland.

The positive effect may come from the release of endorphins, the chemicals in your brain that block pain and ease anxiety and depression, say the researchers, who suggest that if music can evoke positive emotions to counteract the stresses of everyday life, it could have a very important influence on vascular health. Incorporate music into your life just as you do with other healthy habits.

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David Schipper – David began writing for CorePerformance.com in 2008, after spending six years at Men's Health magazine digging up the newest scientific research in health, weight loss, nutrition, muscle and cardiovascular fitness.

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