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Jumpstart Your New Year with 10-Minute Resolutions


What if your New Year's resolution only took 10 minutes? Do you think you would follow through with it? A resolution should be life-altering without being life-consuming, and there's no reason to wait until Jan. 1 to upgrade your life. Start simple, and start now.

In the spirit of getting ahead and staying ahead in 2012, we're launching the Core Performance Healthy Resolution Challenge. Each week leading up to the New Year (and for several weeks after) we’ll propose a healthy habit worthy of resolution and manageable in size, so you can build momentum toward your larger wellness goals. The best part: It will only take 10 minutes.

This week, spend 10 minutes thinking about what you want to achieve in 2012 and why you want to achieve it. According to Dr. Roy Sugarman, the director of applied neuroscience at Athletes’ Performance, most resolution makers never take the time to ponder why their resolutions are important.

Take a few quiet moments to write down reasons why you want to implement this new behavior. All valid contracts are in writing, after all, and this exercise not only makes things official, it gives you the leverage to change. Change is difficult for creatures of habit, which we all are after millions of years of programming that tells us that change is dangerous and we should resist it.

“By making resolutions, you’re alerting your instincts that say, ‘Don’t do it,’” Sugarman says. “You have to be able to override that and recognize that this is good and it’s going to have a good outcome down the road. A successful person can override that negativity bias consciously. They overcome the emotions that say, ‘You lost a million dollars last time’ and keep investing or starting businesses, for example.”

If you're not sure what resolution to make, that's okay; we'll give you a resolution idea in this blog every week that will help improve your health and fitness. Even if nothing piques your interest, it may help you think of another healthy habit you'd like to establish. So keep checking back or sign up for our newsletter to have our 10-minute resolutions sent to your inbox.

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