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Nature is Good for the Brain

ruth l / flickr

Regardless of the season, make it a point to spend time with nature, whether that means going skiing, hiking, or the like.

Researchers at the University of Michigan found that volunteers who spent time in nature before tackling memory tests scored significantly higher than when they were stuck in an urban environment prior to testing.

The scientists suggest that contrary to city environments that are hectic and fast-paced, going rural offers a more coherent pattern of brain stimulation that serves as rest for your mind, allowing it to recharge. And in turn, that charge can actually boost your brainpower.

So, take to the country and fire up that brain.

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David Schipper – David began writing for CorePerformance.com in 2008, after spending six years at Men's Health magazine digging up the newest scientific research in health, weight loss, nutrition, muscle and cardiovascular fitness.

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