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Q&A: Why Technique Matters for Weight Loss

Q: Does the form I use in my exercises affect how much weight I’m losing? 

A: In a roundabout way, yes. The work done by your muscles contributes to how many calories you burn during your exercise session. If you do a squat with sloppy form, for instance, not only do you risk getting hurt, but the muscles that you’re trying to work don’t get the full benefit. If you use a shorter range of motion (e.g. squatting down just a few inches instead of lowering your thighs till they’re at least parallel to the floor), then you won’t activate as much muscle mass. (Watch this video on how to squat right.) So if every repetition uses a little bit less muscle over a slightly reduced range of motion, then you’ll burn fewer calories. Compound that over multiple reps, sets, exercises and workouts and you can see how it’s a huge factor.

Alwyn Cosgrove is renowned for his fat loss training programs and for being a dynamic and educational speaker. He’s the owner of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, California and the author of The New Rules of Lifting. Learn more at AlwynCosgrove.com.

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