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Social Jet Lag: Is it Making You Fat?

Michael Blann / Digital Vision / Thinkstock

If you need an alarm clock to wake up during the week and you’re sleeping in on the weekends, you’re likely suffering from “social jet lag.” This means that your body clock and your social clock aren’t matching up, and it could affect your weight, according to a new study by the University of Munich’s Institute of Medical Psychology [Time.com].

Researchers looked at the sleeping habits of 65,000 adults. They found that people with differing weekday and weekend schedules were three times more likely to be overweight compared to people who went to bed and woke up at the same time every day.

The study also found that the greater the difference in sleep habits from weekday to weekend, the more the person weighed. People who are awake when they should be sleeping are more likely to overeat, choose unhealthy foods, and drink alcohol. They’re also less likely to exercise.

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