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The Art (and Science) of Healthy Aging

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The Wall Street Journal recently reported that after 50, avid athletes must let go of the need to win if they're to stay healthy. Our aging writer Joe Kita put that theory to the test in this 7-part series on longevity, but Kita's goal was neither to extinguish his competitive flame or fuel the fire. No, he set out to convince us all—including himself, on the verge of his 50th birthday—that turning a year older is really the smallest, most inconsequential change of all. He enlisted the help of expert nutritionists, trainers, exercise scientists and a former marathon champion to wrap his mind around the whole getting older thing. The result: a roadmap to living healthier and happier long into the future.

The Art of Aging Gracefully

For most, turning 50 is a milestone that signifies big change, most of which isn't good. Here's why you should treat it as the smallest change of all.

The Age-Defying Diet

8 ways to eat better today, tomorrow, and for life.

How an Athlete Ages

New research and training methods are helping older adults look, feel and perform younger than ever.



The Age-Defying Workout

With the help of a strength coach and physical therapist, Joe has a workout plan to stay healthy for the long run.

50 Goals to Feel Younger, Healthier

As Joe prepares for the big Five-Oh, he shares his goals to make himself healthier and happier.


The Age-Defying Mindset

Marathoner Amby Burfoot shares six keys for developing a winning attitude for the ages.


The Verdict on Aging, Performance and Birthdays

After a month of coming to terms with turning 50, author Joe Kita shares what he's learned about living longer and healthier.

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