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The New Fitness Resolution


Exercising more often and eating better are both good choices, but as far as resolutions go, they're so cliche and broad.

Do you know why most people fail at their exercise resolutions? Because it hurts. This year, make it a resolution to include recovery techniques into your daily routine. Uncomplicated and efficient, using proper rest and regeneration, like foam rolling, tennis ball trigger therapy, and post-workout nutrition, will help you avoid the hurt, or at least feel better faster, plus you'll bounce back better from all your hard work.

Another benefit: Muscle grows during rest. So by incorporating light training days, cross training, and full rest days into your program, you'll actually build more strength and muscle, which will increase your metabolism as a result.

If you're already exercising consistently and you always train hard, this can be quite a challenge. For the dedicated fitness enthusiast, rest is sometimes harder to will yourself to do than training. But you'll find it's worth it.

For anyone trying to make a comeback from an injury, a lack of sleep, or an intense workout, check out our answers to your three burning questions below and visit our recovery channel for useful recovery sessions and tips.

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