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4 Keys to Track Fitness Improvements

When Alwyn Cosgrove is asked about the value of tracking progress and moving incrementally toward a goal, he brings up his battle with cancer several years ago. “I had a stem cell transplant and doctors took my blood pressure, temperature and other vitals every four hours,” says Cosgrove, the co-author of The New Rules of Lifting book series. “They constantly knew where we were. They had a plan and they were going to check every step of the way so we could make adjustments if necessary.” The situation was extreme, to be sure, but illustrates the value of tracking progress, even for goals that don’t have a life-or-death incentive. Here are a few ways to track progress more effectively:

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5 Steps to Hit Your Fitness Goals


Steven Jonas has completed 217 multisport events. He’s written five books on triathlon training. He’s a professor of preventive medicine at Stony Brook University in New York who has written extensively on “mobilizing motivation.” So he knows a few things about setting training goals for a new year and harnessing the motivation to bring those goals to reality. At 74, Jonas also recognizes that athletic goals must be adjusted with age. Jonas’ “Ordinary Mortals” program—a five-step pathway to mobilizing motivation—is especially applicable this time of year.

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3 Keys to Successful Health and Fitness Resolutions


Many people will make resolutions this holiday season, hoping the new year will bring the power and leverage (or at least the willingness) to replace bad habits with positive behaviors.

Most New Year’s resolutions fail, of course, but not for the reasons you might think. According to Dr. Roy Sugarman, the Director of Applied Neuroscience at Athletes’ Performance, the key to keeping resolutions is a three-pronged approach of importance, confidence, and readiness.

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Finish the Year Strong


With the end of the year approaching, many people will make New Year’s resolutions while dealing with what can be called the “eating season,” the nine weeks of celebration beginning with Halloween and ending with New Year’s Eve.

Against that backdrop, it can be difficult to focus on resolutions, let alone lifestyle changes or transformations. Maintaining such motivation and building momentum heading into 2011 need not be difficult, says Howard Falco, author of the new book I Am: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are. He recently spoke with CorePerformance.com.

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What Will You Achieve Next?

Core Performance Center member Jay Lavender shows off his fulfilled "I Will" statement from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

“I will make 2010 my healthiest year ever.”
“I will spend more time playing with my kids.”
"I will show that age doesn't matter."

“I will…” is not a marketing campaign. It's a declaration and daily reminder that anything is possible with effort, determination and planning. At the Core Performance Center (CPC) in Santa Monica, members have covered a wall with 4x6 inch cards that express their goals as “I will…” statements, promises to themselves to remain focused on their goals.

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Internet Linked to Intellect

Ed Yourdon / flickr

Surfing the Web could help keep your mind sharp as you age, according to a new report presented at the Society of Neuroscience annual meeting.

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Looking to Lose Weight? Think Smaller

tazmobile / flickr

No matter your motivation or willpower, trying to revamp your whole lifestyle at once is hard. While you may drop pounds or feel better initially, it’ll be challenging to stay dedicated long-term. In a recent blog post, HarvardBusiness.org blogger Peter Bregman says that focusing on one healthy goal at a time is more effective than having multiple goals. 

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Tony Stewart on Taking Charge

Rusty Jarrett / Getty Images

Everyone thinks they can run a company better than the boss. That is, until they become the boss of that company—or start their own.

Making that transition into an ownership or supervisory role can be difficult, especially in a dark economy. It’s even more of a challenge if you’ve been perceived as a problem child employee at times in your career.

All of which makes Tony Stewart’s first-year performance as an owner-driver on the NASCAR Sprint Cup circuit all the more impressive. Through July, Stewart is in first place in the Sprint Cup standings. Ryan Newman, his Stewart-Haas racing teammate, is seventh.

The 38-year-old Stewart spent 12 years with Joe Gibbs Racing, winning two Cup titles. As a young driver, Stewart was best known for clashing with opponents and the media. He’s matured in recent years, becoming a gregarious, self-deprecating elder statesman of sorts. Throughout this season, he’s offered advice on making the transition from employee to owner.

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Sidelined by Anxiety

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

In recent months, three Major League Baseball players have been diagnosed and sidelined with “social anxiety disorder,” an inability to handle stress, especially in public situations. Though few people know what it’s like to feel the pressure of performing in professional sports, most everyone understands the challenges of speaking publicly, making presentations, or simply meeting everyday deadlines.

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Boost Brainpower at Any Age

foltzwerk / flickr

Is enthusiasm something that can be developed like a golf swing or muscle group? Can the brain get better with age? Is it possible to experience greater vitality? Anat Baniel believes so.

Until recently, it was believed that our vitality peaks in our twenties and that our brains stop growing and evolving after the first few years of life.

But science has recently shown that the production of new brain cells, and of new connections and patterns between existing cells, not only occurs naturally but can be enhanced at any age.

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