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Internet Linked to Intellect

Ed Yourdon / flickr

Surfing the Web could help keep your mind sharp as you age, according to a new report presented at the Society of Neuroscience annual meeting.

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles Center on Aging focused on elderly subjects who were inexperienced when it came to browsing the Internet. They were instructed on how to hop on the Web, all while hooked to an MRI machine.

After two weeks of hour-long surfing sessions daily, the subjects were able to activate a greater portion of their brain.

“You can exercise your mind by using the Internet, but it depends on how it’s used,” one study author explained. “If you get hooked on gambling or eBay shopping, that may not be positive.”

The researchers found the greatest benefits occurred in those who spent the most time on CorePerformance.com (OK, we made that part up).

The take-home message: A little Web-surfing can be good for your brain, but avoid spending hours online shopping or gambling. Check out the news, your favorite hobby, or some health and fitness sites, instead.

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David Schipper – David began writing for CorePerformance.com in 2008, after spending six years at Men's Health magazine digging up the newest scientific research in health, weight loss, nutrition, muscle and cardiovascular fitness.

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