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Looking to Lose Weight? Think Smaller

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No matter your motivation or willpower, trying to revamp your whole lifestyle at once is hard. While you may drop pounds or feel better initially, it’ll be challenging to stay dedicated long-term. In a recent blog post, HarvardBusiness.org blogger Peter Bregman says that focusing on one healthy goal at a time is more effective than having multiple goals. 

“Typically, people overwhelm themselves with tasks in their eagerness to make a change successfully,” writes Bregman. “But that is a mistake. Instead, they should take the time up front to figure out the one and only thing that will have the highest impact and then focus 100 percent of their effort on that one thing.”
The idea is that by focusing all of your attention on a single goal, you’re more likely to succeed than if you try to make a bunch of changes at once. So instead of cleaning up your entire diet in one swoop, for instance, work on dropping one unhealthy habit at a time. 
And cut your goals down to manageable size. Bregman focused on minimizing the amount of sugar in his diet. No more cookies, candies or ice cream. The result: He dropped 18 pounds in less than two months.
Core Performance’s writer, Joe Kita, has put this strategy to the test with his blog One Small Change. Each month, he takes on a new challenge intended to improve his health and performance. He works with the best experts in the field to provide him with the strategies he needs to succeed, and then reports back so we can all use his learnings to improve our lives.

In previous months, Kita has cut down on his coffee intake, started napping daily, and even began breathing better. He’s currently attempting to take more steps every day. His first-hand experience and reporting on the effects your body undergoes from these healthy changes and the difficulty in making them provides us all with a practical roadmap to better our own lives. 

Interested in making a change? Check out One Small Change today.

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