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Procrastination is often a reason why some of us don't quite get around to changing our habits, specifically nutrition and exercise. We seem to put off the inevitable until the last minute and then end up scurrying around trying to get things done—or we just throw up our hands and say, "Forget it!" Here are some ways to stop procrastinating and start doing.

The procrastinator knows it's time to make a change, wants to make a change, but continuously makes excuses to avoid making a change. There's always something getting in the way of getting started. Whether it's a family responsibility, a weekend party, a work deadline, the holiday season, or whatever, procrastinators never seem to really get started on a new way of eating or a new way of life.

Here's how procrastinators think:

"I am going to start my new exercise plan after the weekend!"

"I will wait till Monday to start my new diet."

"I am going to be so busy for the next month, I will wait till my life slows down to start eating better and working out more."

More times than not, the start date that you set in your mind comes and goes. You keep putting off your changes and finding reasons not to start a new plan. By procrastinating, you may have problems reaching your goals when you want to reach them. By putting things off, you probably do not get started on things early enough and find yourself crunching at a deadline. Whether it is cleaning the house, organizing a closet, or starting a new work project, you never seem to get it started when you want to.

What's the big deal? When you set a start date for yourself and it then passes by, you probably feel frustrated and anxious about the fact that you can't seem to get started. Many people want to wait until they feel a strong "internal feeling" to push them into getting started; however, that really strong push hardly ever comes.

The longer you wait to start a new way of eating or an exercise program, the longer the weight will keep adding on and the state of your conditioning will just keep getting worse.

Everyone procrastinates at some time or another, but if it is affecting your health, your weight, or your livelihood, there is no time like the present to get yourself into action. Identify the habits that you cause you to put everything off, then consider the benefits of changing those habits. Start today.

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