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Stay Focused, Keep Training

Dave Cruz

Even the best training program in the world doesn't guarantee results, but if you train with purpose and passion, then you're much more likely to succeed.

Don't think it makes a difference? Think about this way: How can two people follow similar training protocols and yet one dominates while the other one stays in the pack? One reason is finding that passion that drives you every day.

Tom Brady has it. So does Rafael Nadal. As does Jeff Gordon. They're all champions and they all exude passion. When you become passionate about your goal, everything comes into alignment. Suddenly your mindset, your movement, your nutrition, and your recovery all align for that one thing that fuels you.

To zero in on your goals, remind yourself of the benefits—and often. Not only will you be better able to stay on track, but you may not notice the obstacles as much. For instance, instead of focusing on the pain in your core when you do front bridges, focus on the stability you're gaining in your back. Focus on being healthier, happier and more active. Remind yourself of why you're working out in the first place and you'll be sure to stick with it.

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