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Popular Training Program Questions, Answered

Dave Cruz

Want to mix things up in your workout? Thinking about switching to a new program? Not sure if the Core Performance books or online programs are better suited for you? See below for answers to these questions and others to keep your training routine fun and effective. And keep the questions coming!

Q: I’ve just finished my Core Performance training program. What should I do now to keep improving?

We always recommend repeating a program for a second round. The first time is much more of a learning experience. The second time through you'll see definitive changes in how you look, feel, and perform because you spend less time learning the system.

If you’ve already gone through a 15-week program twice, feel free to stick with the same program, or choose a new one that interests you. Remember to set new goals as you begin your next program. Also, focus on shoring up any weaknesses. If you need to work on your foundational pillar strength, spend some extra time in the foundation phase of your program. If you want to work more on strength, skip ahead to the “Get Strong” phase, and so on.

No matter which program you choose, continue to focus on technique and challenge yourself with weight as you improve to keep making gains. Check out "Keep Making Progress in the Gym" and "How Much Weight Should I Lift?" for more helpful advice.

Q: I’m a couple weeks into my Core Performance training program, but I want to switch to a new one. Should I just start the new program in the same phase?

It’s best to start from the beginning of the new program since new programs often feature new exercises that you may not be familiar with, and the foundational work in each program helps prepare you for the later phases of your plan. If you find the initial phase to be similar to your current program, then go ahead and jump to the phase you were in.

Q: I’ve been following one of the Core Performance books. Should I be doing the online training instead?

Many people like the tangible nature of books and the ability to carry around Core Performance’s methodology, but the online programs are now mobile, too—you can view your program on your smartphone’s browser, download a workout podcast, or print your workout. The online programs are also personalized. You can choose from dozens of lifestyle and sport goals and customize your program to your personal stats and schedule. Many people also find them easier to follow because of the instructional exercise videos.

Q: I’ve missed few workouts because of an illness/vacation/laziness. Can I skip them, or should I go back to where I left off?

If you miss a workout, simply perform the session when you're able to. This may extend the total length of your program, but you'll see better results by following the full progressive program. If you miss more than a month of workouts, return to the foundation phase of your program by clicking the link that says ‘Change Program Phase.’ This feature allows you to go back or skip ahead in your program.

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