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Q&A: No Wall for Medicine Ball Throws?

Scott Wachter

Q: I don’t have access to a wall for medicine ball throws. What should I do?

A: First, if you’re not familiar with medicine ball training, check out this primer. Done properly, medicine ball throws will help you improve your ability to transfer forces efficiently through your body, boosting total-body power. Medicine ball training is a key component in many Core Performance training programs, so try finding a wall where you can perform the moves. No access to a wall at your gym? Here are a few alternatives:

  1. Throw with a partner. Do your rotational perpendicular and parallel throws with a training partner. Start by throwing for a set while your partner catches, and then switch it up. As both of you become proficient at your throws and are able to maintain accuracy, you can try doing a set at the same time so you’re tossing it back and forth to each other.
  2. Don’t release the ball. Try "shadow throwing" in which you go through the exercise holding a ball and stop yourself just short of where you would release the ball. Move at a tempo that allows you to control your speed. Although you won’t be as explosive as you would be throwing against a wall, you’ll still reap benefits by learning the movements and gaining stability by decelerating your body at the point of release.
  3. Train outdoors. If you don’t have a medicine ball wall at your gym, find a concrete or brick wall outside, for example, at a sports field or school. Treat it like a separate training session. Start with movement prep, then go through your medicine ball routine. Keep it short and you can do this on any training day. Or, if you play a sport, try doing it before or after practice.

Sample Medicine Ball Throw:

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