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Q&A: Best Cable Equipment

Dave Cruz

Q: If you had one piece of cable equipment to train with in a very limited amount of space, choosing either Free Motion Cable Cross, the VersaPulley or The Keiser Functional Trainer, which one would it be and why?

A: At Athletes' Performance, there are 20 Keiser Pulley systems consisting of 10 Functional Trainers and 10 Hi/Lo Power Zone Units. In addition, there are three VersaPulley's with MV2 Technology.  

The Keiser Functional Trainer will allow you to do everything from prehab, stability, low resistance, to very high resistance in any plane of motion at any speed. You cannot do this with other technology. We recommend the Triple Trainer set-up, giving you three independent units in less than three square feet of floor space, or a single unit which may be bolted to the floor.

The VersaPulleys with MV2 technology are the next level of progression (from an isokinetic standpoint). It is used to develop high levels of eccentric strength. The machines are very interactive, as the more power our athletes put into these lifting and chopping movements, the more force the machine puts back on the athlete. We utilize the MV2's during intensification cycles to really help our athletes get strong.

Free Motion represents excellent quality pieces and they have a great team of support people. They rely on older technology of selectorized weight plates, which are excellent for most people, but limiting when truly developing athletes. We still have a couple of similar systems by Cybex, but use them less and less.

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