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Q&A: Strength for Kayaking

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Q: What's the best workout to improve strength for paddling a kayak?

A: Since there's so much technique involved in paddling, if you have trouble doing it or feel it all in your arms, you're probably paddling incorrectly. Try taking a professional lesson to master proper technique first.

Once you're paddling properly, the best way to gain paddling power is to improve your torso stability. This means training your hips and core to remain sturdy as you paddle.

In the gym, try using the cable machines for pushing, pulling, chopping and lifting movements like the one shown below. You can also work on your torso stability with bridges (front, lateral, and glute).

Another factor to consider is your shoulder health. Condition your shoulders, including your rotator cuff muscles, with exercises like Ys, Ts, Ws and Ls. This will help reduce your risk for pains and injuries so you can keep paddling strong.

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