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Q&A: No Time for Full Workout

dbking / flickr

Q: When my time is limited, can I split my workout into two sessions and perform Prehab, Movement Prep, movement skills, Plyometrics, ESD, and Regeneration in one session, and then do strength in another session? — Michael, Coral Springs, FL

A: You can definitely split any training day into two sessions, but make sure you do some kind of Movement Prep or prehab before your strength training to activate your muscles (you'll perform better) and reduce your risk for injury. 

A better strategy is to split your strength session and still do Movement Prep and prehab both days. For instance, you might do pushing movements one day and pulling moves the next, or upper body one day and lower body the following session.

Try to sneak five minutes of regeneration work (like foam rolling) into every session as well. Regeneration often takes a back seat when we're strapped for time, but it'll catch up with you in the form of pain or potentially injury if you skip out too often.

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