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Q&A: Training for a Long Walk?


Q: I'm planning to walk from Sandy, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. How should I train?

A: To set up a training plan, first determine how far or long you plan to walk each day during the event. For instance, if you have seven days to walk 200 miles, your training goal would be to build your work capacity—that is, the muscle endurance needed to walk for hours each day—up to about 28.5 miles a day. If you have a month, obviously you won't need to walk as far each day. But sticking with the seven-day example, and assuming you have a good fitness base already and a month to prepare, try the walking schedule below. Then take a day or two off to rest prior to the big event.

The Mileage Plan

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Monday 20 25 30 30
Tuesday 10 15 15 20
Wednesday 20 25 30 30
Thursday 10 15 15 20
Friday 20 20 20 30
Saturday 20 25 30 30
Sunday off off 10 10

In addition to walking:

  • Aim to lift weights at least twice a week to build strength and stability.
  • Help your body recover with daily massage and stretching sessions.
  • Break in a few pairs of shoes for the walk.

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