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Q&A: When is the Best Time of Day to Run?

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Q: Is it better for me to run before lunch or before dinner?

A: The best time of day to run is the time of day that you will actually do it. That being said, running in the morning before work may be the ideal time to run fast and burn fat.

After you exercise, your body enters a state of “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption,” or EPOC. Your metabolism is soaring during EPOC, especially if you’ve just performed high-intensity intervals (like the ones in this workout). So you’ll burn more calories throughout the day.

What’s more, research shows that your heart rate may be lower in the morning, which would allow you to run at a higher intensity with a lower perceived effort compared to other times when your heart rate is higher. So hitting the road early might be the ideal time to set a new personal best.

No matter what time of day you choose to run, always fuel up first. Eating and hydrating helps you feel energized so you can perform your best. Try a healthy snack with combination of carbohydrates and protein, like a glass of chocolate milk or toast with peanut butter.

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Amanda Carlson-Phillips – Amanda Carlson-Phillips is the vice president of nutrition and research at EXOS. As a registered dietitian, she has provided educational seminars and individual counseling to a variety of professional and elite sports organizations.

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