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Q&A: Why Stretch Mid-Workout?

Q: Why are there stretches in my strength training workout?

A: Throughout the strength circuits in Core Performance workouts, you'll come across stretches and stability exercises. We call these "complementary exercises" because they complement the exercises they're paired with and help improve the quality of the movement pattern being trained, helping you move more efficiently, bust through plateaus and prevent the onset on aches, pains, and injuries.

These movements also provide time to actively recover from the bout of work you just completed, so you can maximize your time spent in the gym and effectively increase the density of your training session. An example of a complementary exercise would be a chest stretch performed before or after a set of bench presses, as illustrated below.

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Kevin Elsey – Kevin Elsey is the vice president of the performance innovation team at EXOS. With three undergraduate degrees from Queen's University in Canada and several years of experience as a personal trainer and physical education teacher, he brings a wealth of educational and practical experience to EXOS.

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