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In the News

Eight MLB All-Stars Prepared at Athletes' Performance

Philadelphia Phillies 2nd baseman Chase Utley training at Athletes' Performance during the off-season. Scott Wachter

Athletes' Performance would like to congratulate those MLB players selected to the 2009 All-Star game who trained with Athletes' Performance.

Eight players who prepared for the season with Athletes' Performance have been selected to represent their teams in St. Louis on July 14th for the 80th All-Star game. For all their hard work and impressive performance over the first half of the season, these athletes have been rewarded with an All-Star selection from the fans, their peers and the managers of MLB.

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Aaron Curry on Training at Athletes' Performance

Check out this video of Seattle Seahawks linebacker Aaron Curry talking about his training at Athletes' Performance prior to the NFL Combine.

Curry's advice: "Any high school athlete going to college would be fine if they attack every workout like it was their last, and that's what I do."

Want to use the same methodology the pros use? Sign up for a football training program designed for your position.

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Wired Magazine Features Core Performance for "Algorithmic Workout"

How are you tracking your progress in the gym? In the new (July) issue of Wired magazine, the editors reveal the most cutting-edge solutions for workout tracking, including a feature on our very own Core Performance Center in Santa Monica, California:

"At Core Performance, personalized workouts have been digitized and automated—think Club One run by Deep Blue. The gym's founders spent two years poring over decisions made by a coach and embedding them into workout equipment that compares a gym rat's goals (say, run a marathon) with their stats (like VO2 max) and nutrition habits to calculate a progressive series of workouts. Data from each session is saved in order to improve subsequent ones. The principle is that workouts you measure are workouts that make you fitter—because you train more precisely and work harder when you're getting quantitative feedback."

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Top NFL Draft Picks Trained at Athletes' Performance

Jeff Zelevansky / Getty Images

Athletes' Performance is honored to have trained the first overall NFL draft selection for the fourth consecutive year, with QB Matthew Stafford, selected by the Detroit Lions on Saturday, April 25. Previously, Athletes' Performance NFL Combine Preparation participants Jake Long (Miami Dolphins, OT, 2008), JaMarcus Russell, (Oakland Raiders QB, 2007) and Mario Williams, (Houston Texans DE, 2006) were chosen with the top pick.

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Sue Falsone Makes History

As the first female physical therapist in Major League Baseball, Sue Falsone helps the Los Angeles Dodgers players avoid injury and stay in the game with the same methods used at Core Performance. In this video, she talks about what it feels like to make history, and what it takes to keep your muscles and joints strong and healthy. 

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