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adidas miCoach Named One of the Top 5 Free Running Apps by Yahoo! Sports

“It’s a great time to be a runner,” writes Brett Wilkins in a recent Yahoo! Sports post that names adidas miCoach one of the top five free running apps. We couldn’t agree more, and as the coaches behind miCoach, we’re proud and honored to be part of a family of products that help so many athletes reach their goals, not just in running, but also in soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, rugby, and other sports. The Performance Innovation Team at Athletes’ Performance works in partnership with adidas to develop training plans, content, and coaching for miCoach.

Says Yahoo!:

“As its name implies, this amazing app from Adidas acts as your virtual personal trainer. It's not just for runners; you choose your sport from the easy-to-use menu and choose targeted workouts featuring motivating voice commands from your "coach." You can even choose your "coach's" voice. It's available on iPhone and Android.”

To download the app and learn more about the family of miCoach products, visit miCoach.com.

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