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C&S Wholesale Grocers and Core Performance Create Workplace Wellness Program

Rising healthcare costs remain the subject of nationwide debate and media coverage, but one New Hampshire company is taking a preventative approach to employee wellness focused on giving individuals the tools they need to improve and sustain energy, enhance movement quality to reduce pain and injury, and boost their productivity on the job. C&S Wholesale Grocers turned to another New England company, Core Performance, the proactive leader in corporate wellness, to design and deliver this program. Core Performance is a division of Athletes’ Performance, the industry leader in performance training and nutrition for the world’s leading athletes and teams.

Starting with a pilot program to engage and empower warehouse employees to assess their overall health, the program includes comprehensive on-site movement and nutrition evaluations, employee-led workouts via a train-the-trainer program, information on healthy meal and snack options, and ongoing coaching from the world’s top specialists in training and nutrition. It also includes workshops focused on functional movement techniques, tips to properly fuel for sustained energy throughout the day, and effective recovery exercises to complete at home or at work.

“Our employees are one of our greatest assets, and our vision statement includes the desire to have braggingly happy employees,” said Duane Brown, Director Field Talent Training and Development. “What better way to invest in our employees than by promoting their health, safety, and vitality? The Core Performance program will allow 200 of our warehouse employees to experience proactive health programming and get on-site exposure to the world’s leading specialists in wellness.”

The participants will be selected from three locations: Westfield, Mass.; Chester, N.Y.; and Harrisburg, Pa. Each participating employee will have a comprehensive evaluation of their current fitness level, including a one-on-one nutrition consultation and a functional movement assessment to identify any areas of imbalance or possible injury. Following the assessment, each individual will receive a personalized program designed to improve their movement quality to reduce their risk of injury and pain, ensure that they are properly fueled throughout the day and improve their overall well-being.

“C&S is a great example of a company proactively investing in their employees’ health and wellness,” said Mark Verstegen, Founder of Core Performance and Athletes’ Performance. “We are honored to support many tactical athletes, including members of the United States military, police and fire personnel, and now C&S warehouse employees in their quest for sustainable success and well-being. We are honored to add C&S to our growing client list of companies investing in employee wellness as a means to develop healthier, more engaged, productive employees.”

Following the conclusion of the pilot study, C&S will evaluate success metrics and explore a broader initiative to potentially include additional personnel such as corporate leadership, front office staff, and additional warehouse and distribution employees. “We want to understand what works best for our employees, their lifestyles, and then work with Core Performance to build a program that scales effectively for our entire company,” said Brown.

About C&S Wholesale Grocers

C&S Wholesale Grocers of Keene, N.H. is the largest food wholesaler and according to Forbes magazine, the 10th largest privately held company in the United States. The company distributes food to supermarkets, retail stores and military bases across the country. Currently, C&S serves about 3,900 stores from more than 50 locations in 11 states. Among our customers are many of America's best known companies, including Stop & Shop, Giant of Carlisle, Giant of Landover, Shaw's, Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P), Ralphs, Safeway and Target.

About Core Performance

Core Performance is the leader in proactive wellness, delivering measurable results through personalized and integrated programs. Core Performance Workplace was developed by Athletes’ Performance, the foremost source of innovation and results in elite athlete training, and is rooted in advanced research and science. Our team helps employees identify, achieve, and redefine their goals while delivering financial returns and a competitive advantage for top-tier companies. We help individuals believe that the impossible is possible and engage with them in a meaningful way, delivering a best-in-class experience that changes how they look, feel, and perform in work and in life. In addition to corporate wellness, the Core Performance brand includes five books by Mark Verstegen and leading content and customized online training programs at CorePerformance.com. For more information, please visit CorePerformance.com/CorporateWellness.

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