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Fast Company Explores How EXOS is Bringing Human Performance Solutions to the Workplace


In a new piece released online this week, Fast Company, which named EXOS one of the most innovative companies in sports in 2011 when it was running under the name Athletes' Performance, explored how the company is taking corporate wellness to the next level. 

Drawing on a long history of success supporting elite athletes and the military with innovative and research-based human performance solutions, EXOS is now combining those solutions with ground-breaking technology to help combat the common problems of scale and participation in workplace wellness programs. 

“It’s a heavily polluted industry,” said Dan Burns, EXOS' CEO, in the article. “A lot of programs have put out solutions that haven't lived up to their promises. There’s a lot of skepticism out there."

He says the key is to understand that "the [return on investment] is in the those in the middle — in targeted intervention aimed at prevention.”

Read the full article from Fast Company.

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