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Forbes: EXOS Performance Nutrition Products Receive NSF Certification

In a new piece released this week, Forbes discussed how several new products from EXOS’ new supplement line, EXOS Performance Nutrition, are now NSF Certified for Sport. The NSF Certified for Sport products include Aminos (lemon and berry), Whey Protein Isolate (chocolate and vanilla), Multi-Vitamin Elite, and Catalyte Isotonic.

Here’s an excerpt from the Forbes piece:

Always seeking to gain the slightest competitive advantage over their colleagues in order to boost their statistics and contributions toward their respective teams’ success, players will take vitamins and supplements to boost their strength and add to their muscles. Oftentimes, they are not quite sure what is going into their bodies. That is why a set of standards has become so important for professional athletes to follow.

“Prior to the NSF Certified for Sport program, there was no way to guarantee that what was on the label of a product was actually in the product and what was actually in the product was accurately represented on the label,” explained Amanda Carlson-Phillips, vice president of nutrition and research at EXOS. “You had no idea if the supplement you were choosing was what you thought it was or if it happened to contain anything that could hurt you or cause you to test positive on a drug test for athletic banned substances. The NSF Certified for Sport program is the gold standard in ensuring that products are what they say they are. It ensures that products are free of more than 200 banned or prohibited substances.”

The NSF certification should prove to be important for EXOS as it seeks to move its products from its performance facilities to be a mainstay in locker rooms of professional sports teams and become an item commonly in the hands of professional athletes. Knowing that they can use the products without concern that they will fail a drug test should relax fears that they and their agents may have otherwise held.

Read the full article at Forbes.com. 

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