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Greatist.com Interview with Mark Verstegen

Michael McNamara

Greatist.com sat down with Core Performance and Athletes' Performance founder Mark Verstegen to learn what motivated him to create world-class training programs and facilities, how anyone can improve their health and performance, and more. Check out the excerpts below. 

Greatist.com: What inspired you to create Athletes’ Performance?

Mark Verstegen: Responsibility. At the end of the day when our athletes said, “Coach, I’ll do whatever it takes (ethically) to achieve my goals,” that is more or less the responsibility that is Athletes’ Performance.

Greatist.com: Broadly speaking, if you could offer one “pro tip” to live by, what would that be?

Mark Verstegen: That’s easy: Create a perfect day from when you wake up until you go to bed. Ninety percent of our daily actions run in our subconscious, so we have to really work to upgrade our daily rituals. But by building yourself a healthy, what we call “perfect” day, you can fill it out (hydrate more, eat more color, get more sleep) and then each day see how well you did across those simple things. All of a sudden people have an actionable way to keep score of their health.

Greatist.com: The Bottom Line (i.e. your gym’s philosophy in 140 characters or less):

Mark Verstegen: Treat every day like game day. Prepare, fuel, train, and rest for success.

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