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The Walls at Sheraton Hotels Know How to Motivate Gym Goers


When searching for motivation to exercise on the road, look no further than Sheraton hotels. As reported at HotelChatter.com, if you head to the 2nd floor gym at the Sheraton in New York City and hop on a treadmill, you’ll come face-to-face with inspirational Core Performance maxims like “prepare for it” and “fuel for it.”

Sheraton’s Manhattan fitness center is part of a collaboration between Sheraton hotels and Core Performance to improve health offerings for travelers. Sheraton Fitness Programmed by Core Performance provides services such as on-demand fitness in rooms, workouts-in-a-bag, and online training programs. Sheraton hopes to have the program in all 400 Sheraton hotels worldwide by the end of this year.

To learn more, visit http://SheratonFitness.com.

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