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New Book by Mark Verstegen to Win All Day, Every Day

Anyone can achieve excellence for a day, even a week or a month. That’s easy. But a high performer is one who does it consistently for years over the course of a career. While you may be performing well some of the time, you can perform better and more consistently with the help of Mark Verstegen's new book, Every Day Is Game Day: The Proven System of Elite Performance to Win All Day, Every Day.

As founder and president of Athletes’ Performance and Core Performance, Verstegen has trained elite athletes, NFL combine and pro players, Major League baseball stars, and U.S. Special Operations Forces. In this book, he unveils the regimens that he and the Athletes’ Performance team have used to help them face the rigors of their profession or sport.

Following the demanding system in Every Day Is Game Day will challenge you to push yourself to the highest level of performance with easy-to-follow workouts to increase your speed, develop power, and move more explosively. This program also helps reduce your risk of injury to keep you in the game. If you’ve ever wanted to perform like the top sports champions or elite fighting forces, this is the book for you.

To order your copy of Every Day is Game Day, visit Amazon.com.