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The Future of Fitness at CES

2010 Consumer Electronics Show presentation.

This morning at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Intel, Mia Hamm and Core Performance showed how technology can help change the landscape of health and performance.

Superstar Mia Hamm demonstrated a few moves on the CPro (shown below), an innovative new training technology from Athletes’ Performance. Hamm had previously used the CPro during her training at the Core Performance Center in Santa Monica.

Mia Hamm training on the CPro at CES 2010

“Intel and Core Performance are working to create the future of fitness by combining best-in-class technology with the industry leaders in performance training,” says Jon Zerden, Chief Technology Officer for Athletes’ Performance and Core Performance. In addition to employing Intel’s chip processors in the CPro, Zerden says Intel and Core Performance will work together in advancing Corporate Wellness.

Fitness technology is one area in which Intel is leading innovation, and the CPro embodies how chips will be used to power things other than PCs to get fitter, faster, and stronger.

The CPro is custom-made pneumatic-based gym equipment that not only supports the most advanced set of training techniques known to man, but also self-adjusts and self-loads resistance based on your personal ability and associated evaluation. Its rules-based engine crunches your workout data each session to help you keep improving.

As Wired magazine put it, “Workouts you measure are workouts that make you fitter — because you train more precisely and work harder when you're getting quantitative feedback.” The CPro has helped Mia Hamm do just this. It can help you, too.

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