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Training Programs Update: New Exercise Videos and Reports Section

We’re excited to announce some major improvements to our online training and nutrition programs—the premier training tool designed by the coaches at Athletes’ Performance. This latest release makes it easier to take advantage of the personalized programs and improve your health and performance. Here’s what’s new:

1,000+ Spankin’ New Exercise Videos

We’ve updated our entire database with over a thousand new exercise videos. Shot in studio, these new videos make it easier for you to see how to properly perform each movement. Plus, they’re higher quality and will load and play better than the former videos. Visit your workout page to check it out.

All-New Reports Section

The Reports section has undergone a major facelift. In addition to a cleaner and better looking layout, we’ve improved usability. This makes it easier for you to note your health and performance progress with trackers that indicate soreness, energy levels, your willingness to train, body weight, and more. Get started and enter your stats on your Gameplan here.

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